WhatsApp Web Dark Theme: Here’s how you can install it right now

WhatsApp Web Dark Theme: Here’s how you can install it right now

WhatsApp is one app that is yet to roll out the Dark theme officially, unlike Instagram and Facebook Messenger, which already have the feature on iOS 13 and Android 10. But it looks like there is a way users can get the Dark theme on WhatsApp Web, which is the desktop version of the popular messaging app. A report on WABetaInfo has pointed out how this will be possible thanks to an extension called Stylus, which is available on Google Chrome.

A dark theme is one where the background turns black and the overall look of the app is easier on the eyes as well as all the blue light gets filtered. Apple’s iOS 13 and Android 10 have officially introduced Dark themes across the system as well.

So how can you install Dark theme on WhatsApp Web?

Those who are using Google Chrome will need to go to the Google App Web Store. Just click on the Apps option below the tabs on Chrome, and you will see the Web Store. Search for Stylus. The developer is mentioned as stylus.openstyles and install this extension on your Chrome browser.

Once the extension is installed, go to WhatsApp Web. Then click on the Extension, which shows as the symbol S. When you tap the extension, there will be an option for finding styles for WhatsApp Web.

Click on that option and you will have the option to choose from a range of Dark themes. Just click on the theme you prefer, and it will get installed on WhatsApp Web. There are a number of dark themes to choose from thanks to this extension, though remember this is not an official version sanctioned or authorised by WhatsApp.

The Stylus extension can read and change all data across the websites once your install it on Chrome, so keep that in mind when trying out this ‘unofficial’ method for getting Dark theme on WhatsApp Web. For Firefox users, the Stylus link is also available as an add-on and once installed it can be used to access themes for WhatsApp Web as well. We tested the WhatsApp Web dark theme on Google Chrome and it worked fine.

WhatsApp is still testing an improving the Dark theme on both Android and iOS, which has been spotted in several beta builds, but is yet to officially roll out. The Dark theme was spotted in the Android beta version 2.19.311. WABetaInfo also reported thatWhatsApp appeared to be working on three configurations for Dark Theme on iOS, but it appears only two have been implemented.


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