WhatsApp trick: How to block someone from adding you to a group

WhatsApp trick: How to block someone from adding you to a group

While there is no doubt that WhatsApp has made life a lot easier by providing a great platform to stay in touch with each other and exchange media, there are certain things that often annoy most users. One thing that has been a problem for long is that the instant messaging platform allows users to add anyone to a group. You could be added back to a group even if you have quit it in the past. This could be annoying for most users as privacy controls do not allow users to block a group directly. However, there is a WhatsApp trick using which you can stop someone from adding you to a group.

So, even though there is no way to permanently leave a WhatsApp group, there is an alternative that can save you from a lot of trouble. Here is what you need to do to block people from adding you to a WhatsApp group –


– Open WhatsApp, and tap on the three dots at the top-right corner of the screen.

– Go to Settings from the menu.

– In the Accounts menu, select Privacy.

– Look for the Groups option and tap on it.

– Here, you can select who can add you to groups – everyone, or your WhatsApp contacts, or nobody.

Now, the users need to know that choosing one of these options wouldn’t prevent people from adding you to groups. But, you will receive an invite to join the group privately. Here, you can see a few members’ names, the group icon and its description. You can decline the request after reading the details.

In case there is a particular user you want to block from adding you to random groups, here is what you must do –

– Go to the group in WhatsApp

– Select the subject of the group

– Tap on the phone number of the admin

– If prompted, tap on Send Message

– A new chat with the admin will open up. Tap or click the phone number at the top

– Tap or click Block

This will make sure that even if the person is not in your contact list, he or she will be blocked and won’t be able to add you to groups.


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