WhatsApp rolls out Group Privacy Controls

WhatsApp rolls out Group Privacy Controls
WhatsApp is introducing new Group Privacy controls for both iOS and Android platforms that’ll allow users to select who can add them to the groups. The new settings are currently being rolled out to WhatsApp for iOS version and WhatsApp for Android Beta 2.19.298.
Users will have three privacy options to choose from
As part of the new settings, WhatsApp users will have the power to control who can add them to groups.
Selecting ‘Everyone’ option will allow anyone to add you to a WhatsApp group while choosing ‘My Contacts’ will only allow your saved contacts to add you to a group.
Lastly, ‘My Contacts Except’ will let you further exclude contacts from your saved phone numbers.
Group admins will have option to send you personal invites
Meanwhile, as part of the new settings, Group admins who can’t add you to a group will have the option of inviting you privately instead. Notably, by default, WhatsApp sets the option to ‘Everyone’, meaning you’ll have to change the settings as per your requirement.
How do you enable these settings?
Since the new Group Privacy controls are set to ‘Everyone’, you would like to change it to either ‘My Contacts’ or further filter out using ‘My Contacts Except’. You can see the new settings under Account > Privacy > Groups….Read more>>

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