WhatsApp introduces Cricket Stickers for Android users: Here is how to download

WhatsApp introduces Cricket Stickers for Android users: Here is how to download

WhatsApp Stickers were an instant hit among this Facebook owned app’s users. Introduced last year, the Stickers were exchanged actively on the platform. Now with the Indian Premier League (IPL) entering its final stage and ICC ODI World Cup less than a month away, the instant messaging platform has introduced Cricket Stickers for its Android app that will allow WhatsApp users to share their excitement. The Facebook-owned messaging service has also notified that these stickers will soon be available on the iOS platform too. The new sticker pack is now available for download on the app. Once downloaded, these stickers can be shared with contacts just like emojis and gifs.

Here is how to download WhatsApp Cricket Stickers
1. To install WhatsApp Cricket Stickers, you need to open the app.

2. Go to the chat window of the contact you need to send the sticker.

3. Tap on the emoji icon next to typing space.

4. Tap on the Sticker icon which appears next to Gif icon.

5. Click on the plus icon and scroll down to see Cricket Stickers.

6. Tap on the download icon next to the sticker pack or open the sticker pack and tap on Download.

The sticker pack will now appear under ‘My Stickers’ label and you can start sending the stickers. If you want more stickers than the pack, you can get them by tapping on ‘Get more stickers’ option in an Android phone. This will redirect you to Google Play Store from where third party WhatsApp Sticker packs can be downloaded.

WhatsApp Stickers were added last year in October as a new way to express yourself on the app. Back then, WhatsApp had said in a blog post: “Whether with a smiling teacup or a crying broken heart, stickers help you share your feelings in a way that you can’t always express with words. To start, we’re launching sticker packs created by our designers at WhatsApp and a selection of stickers from other artists.”

It had also said that support has been added for third-party sticker packs to allow designers and developers around the world to create stickers for WhatsApp.

“To do this, we’ve included a set of APIs and interfaces that allow you to build sticker apps that add stickers to WhatsApp on Android or iOS. You can publish your sticker app like any other app to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and users who download and install your app will be able to start sending those stickers right from within WhatsApp,” the post had added.

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