Truecaller creates UPI id of user without consent; blames it on a ‘bug’ after being caught

Truecaller creates UPI id of user without consent; blames it on a ‘bug’ after being caught

A man has claimed that the call-blocking app Truecaller created his Unified Payments Interface (UPI) id without his consent following which the Swedish company claimed that it had discovered a “bug” in its newest Android version.

Dheeraj Kumar posted on Twitter that he fell victim to Truecaller’s “UPI scam” as the company created a UPI id with the ICICI Bank without seeking his consent.


“I fell victim to a @Truecaller UPI scam this morning. @npci_npci @upi_npci,” he said. He went on to explain the alleged scam in a Twitter thread.

The incident took place this morning when the user woke up and checked his phone. Dheeraj claimed that the Truecaller had created a UPI id with ICICI Bank even though he does not have an account with ICICI Bank. This registration of UPI happened without the consent of the user.

The user also said that he will be filing an official complaint with National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) which is an umbrella organisation for operating retail payments and settlements system.

In a series id tweets, Dheeraj “I woke up and checked my android phone, which auto-updated a few apps, including @Truecaller. It automatically, immediately sent an encrypted SMS from my phone to an unknown number, following which @ICICIBank sent me a sms – “Your registration for UPI app has started”.”

“I do not have an account with @ICICIBank. But that’s whom @Truecaller has partnered with for their UPI-based payment services. This is not just shady, it’s the definition of fraud,” he said.

“I will be filing an official complaint with @NPCI_NPCI about this. Registering a new UPI account with absolutely no consent from the user, @Truecaller? And you’re enabling this, @ICICIBank?” he added along with screenshots of the SMS.

Dheeraj further went on to share tweets of other users who had a similar complaint.

Many Truecaller users complained of the same thing on the Google Playstore.

When this issue came into light, the Truecaller issued an official statement and said that they have ‘discovered a bug’ in the new Android version of the app adding that it has “discontinued the new version of the app.”





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