TRAI looking to lower tariffs for DTH and Cable TV

TRAI looking to lower tariffs for DTH and Cable TV

New regulations, all DTH providers have to provide a base pack with at least 100 free-to-air channels. The maximum price of this pack aka network capacity fee (NCF) is fixed at Rs. 130 plus 18% GST (i.e. Rs. 154). Notably, given all 25 Doordarshan channels are mandatory, you essentially have 75 channels to pick from the bouquet of Free-to-Air channels.

RS Sharma, says Govt. is keen to improve the existing cable TV rules, and will take more action against DTH and Cable TV Firms, broadcasters who are not following the rules. He said that the companies have started following the rules, giving an example of the secondary set-top box.


He said, “For example, one has already announced that they will charge only Rs 50 for the second set-top box,”

However, there are instances where the DTH and Cable firms are not executing the new rules in a proper way, and action will be taken against them.

He added, “We’ve issued show-cause notices, etc. So, we’re very proactive to ensure that aberrations that take place are set right before they become the regular practice.”

TRAI has finally conceded that the new broadcasting regulations and pricing framework might have hiked prices for the DTH and Cable TV subscriptions in the country….Read More>>

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