Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may offer 1 TB of storage

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may offer 1 TB of storage

Samsung will unveil its next-gen Galaxy Note 9 smartphone on August 9.

And thanks to official teasers and unofficial leaks, we know quite a lot about the upcoming smartphone.


The Note 9 will sport a design similar to Note 8 but its highlights include a bigger battery, a top-end processor, a massive internal storage and a smarter S Pen.

Here’s more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: At a glance

The Note 9 will retain the design language of its predecessor. However, Samsung has shaved-off some millimeters to offer slimmer top and bottom bezels.

This allows for the display to be slightly larger at 6.4-inches as against 6.3-inches on the Note 8.

Further, the fingerprint now sits under the camera module while the gradually disappearing 3.5mm jack gets to live another year.

Note 9 will support a total of 1TB storage

Note 9 will support a total of 1TB storage

For quite some time, Samsung has been teasing a faster processor, bigger battery and more storage space in the upcoming Note device.

And an official video which got “accidentally” released recently confirms that the Note 9 will be “1 terabyte ready with expandable storage”.

This means, the Note 9 will have up to 512GB of internal storage and will support a 512GB microSD card.

Note 9 to pack a 4,000mAh battery

Samsung has been touting that battery life is a primary focus for the upcoming Note 9.

While there may not be an official word yet, several reports suggest that the phone will pack a 4,000mAh battery pack – a significant 700mAh boost over the Note 8’s offering.

Moreover, you can expect fast charging and wireless charging support as well.

Top end processor for top notch performance

Considering the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be a phablet-sized flagship smartphone, it is obvious that the phone will be powered by the best processor currently available.

Hence, the expected pick is an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset for the US variant and an octa-core Samsung Exynos 9810 processor for the global variant of Note 9.

An all-new powerful S Pen

From the start, Samsung has been focusing on its beloved stylus. It was even the cover image of Samsung’s ‘Unpacked’ event invitation.

And then the leaked video showed that the S Pen will come with a clickable button, hinting at a smarter stylus.

Further, reports suggest the S Pen will support Bluetooth that will allow it to perform several non-drawing functions as well.


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