Reliance Jio Prepaid Subscribers Can Queue Recharges..

Reliance Jio Prepaid Subscribers Can Queue Recharges..

Reliance Jio has already hiked the tariffs with the introduction of the IUC charges on the outgoing calls. However, in the coming days, the prices of all the plans are going to take a jump. But, for the subscribers, there is a way to escape this tariff hike, at least for a while.

Although the tariffs will increase in the coming weeks, there is nothing to stop the subscribers from getting prepaid plans in advance at a lower rate. Hence, the subscribers of Reliance Jio can stack up on prepaid plans beforehand and avoid recharging later at a higher cost. Here is how you can do it.

Recharge Queueing Explained

To understand what we are implying here, you will first have to understand that Reliance Jio allows the subscribers to queue their recharges. This means that you can buy a recharge on top of another recharge and when your first one expires, the next one will be in the queue. This ensures that the money you spent on the second recharge does not go in vain and you make use of only prepaid recharge at a time. Now using this feature of Reliance Jio, the prepaid subscribers can queue their recharges by buying them before the price hike and enjoy the benefits well into the next year. While the other subscribers will be paying up 30% or more for the same benefits, you will keep on enjoying the data, voice and other benefits at lower rates.

How to Queue Recharges in Reliance Jio and Activate Them

When you do a recharge on top of your existing recharge, all the information about it will be available in the My Jio app, which is basically your avenue for everything Jio-related. Therefore, you will find all the information and settings related to your plan here. In your MyJio app go to the My Account section and over here you will have to tap on the “View Details” button. Now, you will be able to see all your plans and recharges. On the top, you will be able to see your current recharge and the one that is activated. Now, to activate your next recharge, you will have to tap on the “activate” button which is located right beside the listed recharge. On the confirmation pop-up, press the “confirm” button, and you will receive the confirmation now after the activation of the plan. Now your second plan has been activated…Read more>>



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