Reliance Jio Fiber prepaid plans now start at Rs 399; here’s what’s new

Reliance Jio Fiber prepaid plans now start at Rs 399; here’s what’s new

Reliance Jio Fiber has introduced several new prepaid monthly plans which you can opt for after the free 30-day trial expires. Earlier, the minimum monthly prepaid plan used to cost Rs 699, now you can avail the services starting at Rs 399. There are a total of seven monthly plans which you can choose depending on the speed requirement. Jio Fiber is now offering symmetric upload and download speeds. This means you will get the same download and upload speeds. Earlier, Jio used to offer slower upload speeds compared to download speeds.

The new Rs 399 Bronze plan offers unlimited data at 30Mbps speed along with free unlimited voice calls for 30 days. Note that all plans attract an additional GST rate. Similarly the Silver plan worth Rs 699 offers the same benefits but internet speed is faster at 100Mbps.

If you want speeds faster than 100Mbps then you will have to opt for the Gold plan worth Rs 999 that offers 150Mbps or the Diamond plan worth Rs 1,499 that offers 300Mbps. All the plans have a FUP of 3300 GB for 30 days.

If you are looking for monthly (30 days) plans that offer even faster speeds then you can opt for Diamond+, Platinum or Titanium plans worth Rs 2,499, Rs 3,499 and Rs 8,499 respectively. The Diamond+ plan offers 500Mbps speeds for up to 4000GB in 30 days, the Platinum plan offers 1Gbps for up to 7,500GB in 30 days and Titanium offers the maximum of 1 Gbps for up to 15,000GB in 30 days. All plans except Bronze and Silver offer free access to up to 12 streaming apps. Note that unutilised free benefits will get forfeited at the end of validity and cannot be extended.

Subscribers also have advance recharge options in all of the plans with associated benefits and discounts. This means you can choose a month plan and pay for the entire year in advance instead of paying monthly.

For those unaware, you will have to opt for the free 30 days trial first to get Jio Fiber. There are two options. You can either opt for the one with a 4K STB or the other option that do not include the 4K STB. You will get unlimited internet access up to 3300 GB for the first 30 days at 150Mbps speeds for both the options. However, the trial plan with 4K STB has a refundable security deposit of Rs 2,500 while the other plan has a security deposit of Rs 1,500.


Source:- indiatimes

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