Apple iPhone 5S 16 GB Valentine’s Day offer gives cashbacks up to Rs 6,000

Forget the Apple iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus for a moment. Apple iPhone 5S has been the best selling Apple smartphone in the country and if you have been waiting to get your hands on one, then…

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How to Use Paytm Offline Without the Internet (Send Money Without Sending a Message)

Learn how to use Paytm offline without the Internet. Send Money without sending a message which will help you to easily use the app while you are in the emergency and don’t have the internet with you. Below is…

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Facebook To Monetize Videos, Will Pay You Money For Your Videos

Facebook is all set to make bets on videos. Facebook is now planning to put ads on videos that users upload. Putting up ads on users video will enable the uploaders to earn money just like YouTube. Facebook is…

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Seagate Is About To Release Massive 16TB Hard Drive

Seagate just announced on an earnings call that their 14TB and 16TB versions of its helium-filled spinning hard drive is planned to launch over the next 18 months. The 16tb drive should give you enough room for all those…

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Soon Google Will Ban All Torrent Site Links

According to the various reliable sources and reports, the tech giant Google along with the other search engines will soon implement new measures in order to ban all the Torrent site links simply to slow down the piracy….

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