How to change WhatsApp number without losing data

How to change WhatsApp number without losing data

Changing your WhatsApp number? Worried about losing your data? No need to worry as it is possible to change your WhatsApp number without losing your existing data. Changing your WhatsApp number can be quite a stressful task, as you fear losing your entire chat history. In order to ease the process, the free messaging app in the year 2017 had introduced a new feature that allows users to change their numbers linked to their WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile phone. With the help of this feature, you will be able to change to number effortlessly and your contacts will also be made aware of the new number without any hassle of you messaging each of them individually.

The benefit of this feature also helps you to customise your contact list and create a customised list with your preferred contacts in case you do not want to share your new number with everyone. This feature will help migrate your profile information, along with your groups and the all your different setting that were used in the old number. It will delete your account that was linked to your old number and therefore people who have your old number will no longer be able to see your details in their WhatsApp contacts.


Follow the below mentioned steps to change your WhatsApp number-

Step 1: Check is your Whatsapp number is berified by going to Menu Button then Settings
Step 2: Now tap on your profile photo to check for verification
Step 3: Now open WhatsApp and go to the menu button
Step 4: Go to the settings > Accounts
Step 5: Select ‘Change number’ tab
Step 6: Enter your old phone number in the upper box and new number in the lower box
Step 7: Click on Done

Once you have completed the above process, you will be prompted to verify your new phone number.


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