Here Are 5 ‘Hidden’ WhatsApp Features Which Can Make Your Life Easier!

Here Are 5 ‘Hidden’ WhatsApp Features Which Can Make Your Life Easier!

Yes, we are talking about India’s most popular messaging app ‘WhatsApp,’ which has become synonymous with conversation on the smartphone. There are few hidden features in WhatsApp, which many of us might not know but they are quite useful.

The application has around 200 million active users in India and 1.2 billion worldwide. WhatsApp sports plenty of handy features but there are still few hidden features which many of WhatsApp users might not know.


But don’t worry if you don’t know those features, here we have listed few WhatsApp features which can make your life much easier:

  1. Text Formatting On WhatsApp

In Whatsapp, for formatting your text in terms of making the text bold, italics or strikethrough, one has to user different codes to do it. The process of using codes for text formatting was actually quite cumbersome. For example , you would have to type your text between asterisk marks to make the text bold in the message (for example, *turn text bold*), and between underscores for italics (for example, _underscore text_).

Now, WhatsApp have introduced a new update feature for Android beta 2.12.535 or later, which enables its users to format text with ease.  To format your text, now you just have to select the text and then select the option with three dots to choose to bold or italicise the selected part of the text.

  1. Forward Same Message To Multiple Contacts and Groups At One Go

Earlier in WhatsApp, users could only forward a single message only to one contact at a time. But, now after the latest update, users can send a single message to multiple contacts at once.

Users just have to select a particular message, then tap on the forward button and then long-press to choose the contacts and groups you want to share that message.

  1. GIF Search In WhatsApp

Sending GIFs to friends on WhatsApp is becoming a new trend now-a-days, but searching for GIFs is a very cumbersome task. But, WhatsApp has now made it easy for you and you can search for GIFs on app itself.

The GIF search feature on WhatsApp allows you to choose from Giphy’s extensive library to send to your contacts. To search for GIF on Android, open the emoji keyboard and tap on the GIF button. On the bottom-left of the screen, just tap the search bar and search for the best GIF using right keywords.

iPhone users can hit + button (next to the chat box), open Photo & Video Library, and tap on the GIF search button on the bottom left to look up GIFs.

  1. Digital Assistant Can Read Your WhatsApp Messages Aloud For You

New WhatsApp update has allowed Siri to read messages aloud for you. This feature is quite useful, specially when you are driving and want to read text.

WhatsApp for iPhone version 2.17.2 now comes with the ‘Hey Siri’ integration, which means whenever you say “Hey Siri, read my last WhatsApp message,” then the digital assistant will read aloud the last message you received.

  1. You Can Reply To A Particular Message On Group By Mentioning That Message

On WhatsApp, when you are chatting on a WhatsApp group it becomes difficult to reply to particular message and you have to mention the sender’s name every time notify him/her. But now you can even mention the message for which you replied.

To use this feature you just have to long press the message which you want reply for, after which you have to tap on the reply button at extreme left on the top of the screen. Once you are done with it, you can type a reply for that message.

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