Digilocker not enough if you encounter these situations!

Digilocker not enough if you encounter these situations!

Delhi Traffic Police has recently tweeted that virtual documents uploaded on Digilocker are valid upon being asked by a traffic cop. However, it further specified that in such cases where the driver of the vehicle commits an offense, then he or she will have to present the original hard copy of the documents. Revisions to the Motor Vehicle Act bring along hefty fines for traffic rule violations and in some cases, the penalties have been increased up to 20 times. The new motor vehicle rules came into effect starting 1st September and we have already seen examples of how much people had to pay in order to get their vehicles free. Not being able to present valid documents is one of the prime reasons behind challans and despite the fact that now you can store your documents digitally and can present them through your phone in Digilocker whenever required, numerous people are not able to do it.

According to a circular issued by the Road Transport and Highways, documents like Driving License, Insurance, Registration Certificate, and PUC can be presented to the traffic police upon being stopped. On the Digilocker mobile application, you can upload digital copies of these documents. In order to use this app, you will have to simply download it on your smartphone. After this, you will need to create an account with your Aadhar card number and mobile number. It has to be noted that the digital copies of the aforementioned documents are valid only when these are uploaded on the DigiLocker or mParivahan application.

That said, if you think that presenting a clicked image of any document on your smartphone can rescue you from the situation, you are completely wrong. So whenever the next time you are stopped by the traffic police, you can produce your documents through DigiLocker and these will be valid. However, we advise you to carry along original copies of your documents as well to escape any unwanted situations for instance, when you break a traffic rule.

Source:- financialexpress

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