Coronavirus vaccine update: Covaxin to be launched by mid 2021, Moderna to deliver early doses by December

Coronavirus vaccine update: Covaxin to be launched by mid 2021, Moderna to deliver early doses by December

COVID-19 cases are about to breach the 50 million mark across the world. Even as vaccine makers face unnerving pressure to roll out the earliest doses right now, we have come closer to having a vaccine ready than we were ten months ago. Recent studies also suggest that India, as a country, has a global edge in securing vaccines and administration.

Out of the 50 candidates in play, while some are starting phase III trials, others are in the middle of getting safety data. We bring you the latest updates about the same:


Bharat Biotech plans vaccine launch by mid-2021

Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech is making headway with progress on Covaxin, which is India’s first indigenous COVID-19 vaccine. While the vaccine went into trials in July, the company recently announced plans to launch the vaccine by mid half of 2021. The timeline will depend on the conduct of phase III trials and regulatory approvals. AIIMS Delhi is reported to have submitted proposals and seek permission for conducting critical large scale trials across 25 sites spread across 10-12 states.

The vaccine has proved to be well-tolerated in phase I and II trials so far, with no adverse side-effects recorded so far. Covaxin trials are also seeing heavy participation, with volunteers expressing interest from far off cities as well. An April-May timeline will make Covaxin one of the earliest vaccines to be launched in India right now. Plans for global distribution, marketing and administration have not been discussed so far.

CureVac generates strong immune response, to start mass-scale trials soon

German vaccine maker, CureVac recently announced receiving early positive data from clinical trials. The vaccine prototype, CVnCoV was able to generate a strong immune response, in line with expectations amongst volunteers. As per an official statement, the vaccine spiked up antibody count in the body, at par with those of people who had recovered from a serious case of COVID-19. It uses the same modelling technology, messenger RNA, as Moderna and Pfizer-BionTech. However, unlike its competitors, CureVac plans to administer lower doses of the vaccine in the next phase of trials (from 2-12 micrograms per shot).

The results will allow the vaccine, backed by pharma maker, GlaxoSmithKline to proceed with mass testing by the end of the year, involving 30,000 volunteers…Read more>>




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