Beware! Have two PAN Cards? You will end up losing Rs 10,000

Beware! Have two PAN Cards? You will end up losing Rs 10,000

How to Surrender Duplicate PAN Card Online: Possession of more than one Permanent Account Number (PAN) card may land you in trouble and you might be penalised with a fine of Rs 10,000. People are only authorised to carry one PAN card, according to the section 139A of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Section 272B of the same act also prescribes a penalty of Rs 10,000 to be levied on a person found possessing multiple PAN cards. However, the generation of multiple PAN cards is possible due to various reasons and people are advised to surrender the redundant copy with the government as soon as possible.

The possibility of multiple PAN cards is more frequent with Non-Resident Indians who may get another PAN card issued in their name after they visit the country after many years. Users who may have got some errors in their first PAN card might also apply for another PAN card without surrendering their previous PAN card. However, in order to immunise yourself from the risk of getting fined, you may surrender multiple PAN card copies in both offline as well as online mode. Following are some simple steps which you need to follow to surrender your card:


How to surrender multiple PAN Online

To change/surrender duplicate PAN, the Income Tax Department suggests, “You may fill and submit PAN Change Request application form by mentioning the PAN which you are using currently on top of the form. All other PAN/s inadvertently allotted to you should be mentioned at item no. 11 of the form and the corresponding PAN card copy/s should be submitted for cancellation along with the form.”

Users need to visit the Tax Information Network website ( of the Income Tax department to submit PAN Change request. Click on the “Online Application for Changes Or Correction in PAN Data (PAN Change Request Form)” link. You will then be asked to fill in the necessary details of the PAN card which you want to surrender and the PAN card which you want to retain. Read detailed instructions and Do’s and Dont’s on this link before submitting the details.

How to surrender duplicate PAN Card offline

You can write a letter addressed to the Income Tax Assessing Officer under whose jurisdiction you live. Attach the details of the PAN card which you want to surrender and the one which you want to retain. After writing the letter and attaching the details, the letter needs to be posted to the Income Tax office under your jurisdiction. You also need to keep a copy of the receipt acknowledging that the letter was received by the I-T department.




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