Bank Employees Will Strike For More Salary: Bank Strike On Jan 31, Feb 1, March 11-13

Bank Employees Will Strike For More Salary: Bank Strike On Jan 31, Feb 1, March 11-13

It seems that bank employees are hell-bent on creating even more inconvenience for the common man. After conducting a massive strike on January 8th, bank employees have declared another massive strike this month.

Interestingly, this strike will be on Budget Day, and this is indeed unprecedented.


The reason for the strike? Bank employees are demanding more wages.

Brace For Bank Strike This Month, And More

Indian Bank’ Association or IBA, which is one of the largest, most influential union of bank employees have announced a new strike.

Banks will be closed on January 31st and February 1st, as a result of this strike. It seems that only Govt. banks will participate in this strike, but we are awaiting more details.

This call for a new bank strike is very interesting, due to the dates.

On February 1st, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman will present her 2nd budget, and that is a second Saturday, which is a working day.

And, on January 31st, the crucial Economic Survey will be presented.

In fact, even the stock market will be open on February 1st, due to the budget announcement.

By announcing a bank strike on this crucial day, the bank employees have made it clear that they mean business.

Another bank employee union: UFBU has announced another bank strike between March 11 to March 13, and then if the demands are not met, then indefinite strike from April 1st.

Why Bank Employees Are Striking?

The reason is wage revision.

The bank employees are demanding 20% hike in pay slip components, merger of special allowance with basic pay, and a 5-day week for all the bank employees, across India.

The same reasons were cited for their massive bank strike on January 8th, wherein a number of trade unions too joined in.

9 members of the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) held a meeting with Govt, along with IBA on these issues, but the talks failed.

The announcement of the bank strike is a result of this.

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