Are Samsung Galaxy M10, M20 Better Than Affordable Redmi, Realme Phones?

Are Samsung Galaxy M10, M20 Better Than Affordable Redmi, Realme Phones?

On this episode we discuss the Samsung Galaxy M10 and the Samsung Galaxy M20, phones that mark Samsung’s revamped strategy in the budget smartphone market.

These phones aim to take on budget smartphones from Xiaomi’s Redmi lineup, phones from Realme, and even Asus. Has Samsung succeeded in taking on the top sellers in the budget segment through the Galaxy M10 and the M20? Reviews editor Jamshed Avari and in-house audio expert Ali Pardiwala join host Pranay Parab to discuss.


This episode begins with a mention of Samsung Galaxy M10’s price in India, which is a very attractive price point. Then we mention Samsung Galaxy M20 price in India, which appears to be pretty competitive too. Then we begin the discussion with Samsung Galaxy M10, whose performance and specifications are first on our agenda.

Samsung Galaxy M10, M20 vs Redmi, Realme phones

We discuss how the Samsung Galaxy M10’s camera performs and whether its battery life is good, before moving on to the software on the smartphone. We talk about the build quality as well, before moving on to the Samsung Galaxy M20. Here we first look at the competition from Redmi and Realme for the Galaxy M20 and see whether it offers enough in terms of performance and battery life to justify a purchase. Galaxy M20’s price in India is pretty competitive too and that means people will end up getting good value regardless of which phone they pick. We discuss the software of the Samsung Galaxy M20 as well, before talking about the overall performance. Finally, we mention a few small things that every person should know before buying the Samsung Galaxy M20.

To remind you, Samsung had unveiled the new Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 smartphones on Monday in the country. The phones are set to go on sale beginning February 5 via Amazon India and Samsung’s own e-store.

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