After Ramdev’s app, dozens of fake Kimbho apps on PlayStore

After Ramdev’s app, dozens of fake Kimbho apps on PlayStore

It’s been a couple of days since Baba Ramdev announced the launch of Kimbho, a messaging app that is apparently akin to WhatsApp.


Since then, the app has mysteriously disappeared from the Google PlayStore apparently due to ‘extremely high traffic’. Interestingly, after that several fake ones have flooded the PlayStore.

Here’s a glimpse into the wonders of the fake ‘Kimbhoverse’.

This tech app is riding on the Kimbho wave

The first, in order of search appearance, is an odd looking app called Kimbho, but with F as a logo (?!).

Upon clicking it, the description reads, “Flurj is the best way to read all the tech news that matter the most.”

Seems like a tech news app jumped on the popularity of ‘Kimbho’ to promote itself on Google Play Store’s search results.

This other fake Kimbho is more up Baba Ramdev's lane

This other fake Kimbho is more up Baba Ramdev’s lane

The next one seems more up Baba Ramdev’s lane.

The Kimbho Bliss Indian App of Yoga, Meditation, Sleep describes itself as a “Top Trending Health & Fitness App…Empowering Yoga, Meditation Teachers Gurus in spreading Indian Swadeshi Wisdom of Ayurveda”.

What follows is a mini-thesis like description of the app’s offerings, and a promise that the “powerful app” will help you “connect deeply with yourself”.

Modi supporters selling a Fruit Ninja-like game called Kimbho

The third is way out of line of what Kimbho, the messaging app, was meant to be.

Called the Kimbho Swadesi Indian App, the app, going by screenshots, looks akin to the Fruit Ninja game.

“Indian Swadesi App game Kimbho Game App…We are promoting Swadesi as our respected…Baba Ramdev says,” reads the description.

“Please Support Mission Modi and Mission Swadesi 2019,” the app adds.

This strange app claims to be both official and unofficial

The top three search results apart, there’s also another fake app, which has authoritatively named itself ‘Kimbho Official chat app 2018’.

The app “empowers Private and Group chat with Free Phone and Video Calling. Kimbho has dozens of amazing features…download Kimbho and enjoy all these feature.”

Then comes the masterstroke.

“This is a free Kimbho version…kimbho is an unofficial app,” the description ironically reads.

The other wonders the fake Kimbhoverse has to offer

There are myriad of other apps in the fake Kimbhoverse.

These range from browsers, to SMS repositories for Malvani speakers from Maharashtra, to battery savers.

There was also a rather suggestive ‘Kimbho Girl Chat App’ (really, there was), at the time I started writing this, but that seems to have been removed now.

There’s also one for checking 10th, 12th exam grades.



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