ACT Fibernet launches free-of-cost work-from-home upgrade plan

ACT Fibernet launches free-of-cost work-from-home upgrade plan

NEW DELHI: Broadband service provider (ISP) ACT Fibernet said it is taking measures to ensure that its high-speed fiber services remain reliable, uninterrupted and prepared for its users, amid the increased bandwidth consumption caused by the work from home mode in the backdrop of COVID-19 outbreak.

ACT has also extended a free-of-cost work-from-home upgrade plan which offers speeds upto 300 mbps and unlimited FUP for this month and users can opt for this facility through the ACT Fibernet app on their phones.


Talking about steps taken to ensure safety and protection of its employees, ACT said its backend data centre team is taking proactive precautionary measures, like rotation of employees. To mitigate the increased bandwidth demands, ACT said it has built a ‘robust’ contingency plan and a business continuity to deal with eventualities– like quarantining of data centres and other critical assets, should any need arise.

The ISP has affirmed its commitment towards the health and safety of its employees and families and said it has enabled its employees to work virtually to reduce the workforce in the office and has also assured that it is taking ‘utmost care’ to keep its network operational.

ACT Fibernet has assured its users that the ACT team has undergone relevant training in taking precautionary measures like– washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizers, and so on, in case they have to visit the user’s home to provide on-site assistance and in case a user wants the team to follow other health protocols, they may inform the network engineer.

Source:- economictimes



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