6 New Rules to be followed by Zomato, Swiggy and others

6 New Rules to be followed by Zomato, Swiggy and others

These are new guidelines part of the directives issued by the FSSAI to re-operationalise the licensing and registration of the e-commerce food companies in India.New Rules For Zomato, Swiggy, BigBasket & Grofers | Guidelines for E-commerce Food Business Operators.

6 new rules for Food Business Operators :-

Anytime Sampling

Food products on sale are now liable to sampling at any point of the time. FSSAI may carry out sampling at any part of the supply chain. The move comes to a wake-up call for food delivery companies to make sure that the food delivered is fresh and has no issue. If found guilty, the company may even face a ban for an interim period.

Indicative Images

All the companies offering food on sale should provide an indicative image of the food on the respective platforms. The images should be clear so that the consumers can recognize the product they are buying. At times, no images are available of the product on sale. Not its compulsory for companies to provide an indicative picture of the food or product.

Mandatory Information

The online food business companies needs to provide all the details on their platforms for consumers. This includes information mentioned in the FSS Act. The consumer should be informed in full about the details of the product, the ingredients and the important additional information.

Shelf Life

The food products being delivered should have at least a remaining shelf life of 30 percent from the manufacturing date or at least 45 days before the expiry at the time of delivery. Companies no more can deliver products which are just a couple of weeks away from expiry.

Only Fresh Food Has To Be Delivered

The new FSSAI guidelines has a new rule which states that food delivery aggregators need to deliver fresh food only. The companies are slowly transitioning themselves from a hyperlocal to inventory-led business. So the new rule will ensure that the companies should focus more on delivering fresh food than stocking up to cut costs………Read More>>


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