Day: May 11, 2019

Depositing Cash In Bank A/c Using Cash Deposit Machine: Know Charges And Limits

Though the system of depositing cash using cash deposit machines deployed at ATM premises is quiet old, some of you might still not have accessed the facility. For those of you we will first elaborate on the process…

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Indian Railways Refunds Rs 33 To Passenger For Cancelled Ticket After 2 Year Battle!

In a unique case of persistence, and determination, a passenger from Kota finally defeated the mighty Indian Railways, and forced them to refund Rs 33 for his canceled ticket. The passenger had to fight the battle for 2…

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Amazon Hacked! Millions Of Dollars Siphoned-Off From Amazon Sellers, Investigation Is On

Ever since things have become digitalized and manageable through the internet, our lives have become much easier, and yet there is a negative, dark side to it as well. It is not difficult for hackers to access our…

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WhatsApp will stop working on this platform by December

WhatsApp has been practically pushing back the end of support on old mobile operating systems. It has, in the past, removed support on its marquee app from platforms including Nokia S40, BlackBerry OS, and more. The Facebook-owned company…

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JioPrime Subscription for One Year without any charge, Here’s How You Can Check

Reliance Jio introduced Prime Memberships for the subscribers enabling them to get extra data and free access to a slew of Jio apps. Now, in the latest move, the company is auto-renewing the Jio Prime membership for the…

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