Day: May 4, 2019

Have A Secret Crush On Facebook Friend? This Is How Facebook Dating Will Work!

Exactly a year ago, during Facebook’s annual F8 conference, a new dating feature was announced which took everyone by surprise. At that time, it was launched only for one country: Colombia. Now, after a year, Facebook has announced the expansion…

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Reliance Jio to launch ‘Super App’ consisting over 100 services

RIL has been proactively working towards launching online-to-offline (O2O) retail plans that will include providing over 100 services in one app. On the lines of Tencent-owned WeChat model, Reliance is aiming to launch ‘Super App’ that will allow…

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Indian Railways Planning Exclusive Video, Music For Passengers Via Netflix, Youtube, Hotstar

There was a time when AIR or All India Radio was the only media source for Railway passengers, during their travel. Then came walkmans, and iPods, and then smartphones, through which passengers can access content while traveling. But…

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Govt Can Use Phone Numbers For Verifying Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter Users; Will It Become Mandatory?

The issue of verifying genuine users in India is an ongoing issue, which needs urgent attention. Spreading of fake news and fake messages are taking lives, and this has to be stopped. In yet another attempt in this…

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Registration Of New Vehicles Has Been Banned Across India – Find Out The Shocking Reason!

As per the notification mandated by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), the registration of new vehicles by the issuance of Certification of Registration has been blocked for all classes of motor vehicles and this has…

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