Day: April 5, 2019

Indian court asks government to ban TikTok downloads because it ‘encourages pornography’

Yesterday, the Madras High Court, situated in the southern Indian city of Chennai, directed the country’s central government to ban TiKTok, the popular video creation app from Chinese giant Bytedance. The court said that the app “encourages pornography” and…

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Explained: How your pension amount will change after the SC order

Salaried employees, including those in the private sector, recently had reasons to rejoice after a Supreme Court order to EPFO to change an old pension rule. The apex court order mandated that EPFO give full pension to all…

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Big WhatsApp update! Now, you cannot be added to Groups without permission

WhatsApp Wednesday said it will now allow its users to decide whether they want to get added to groups on the instant messaging platform. The move assumes significance, especially ahead of elections in the country, as social media…

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Can You Ask For A ‘Challenge Vote’ If Your Name Is Not On A Voter List?

A viral WhatsApp forward claiming a voter can cast their vote even if their name is on the electoral roll by asking for a ‘challenge vote’, is false. Two of the three claims in the forward are false….

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